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We Are Skilled Professionals of the Most Renowned Brands

Do you want to know about which Brands we work with? you are in the right place. Here at QR Home Services, we have been repairing any kind of home appliances from Refrigerators to Ice Machines problems.

Our team of experts have the knowledge and skills to give you an excellent and positive experience to solve any kind of difficulties with the most known brands on the market. 


One of the leaders in the US Market with their electronic division, they have been giving to the world a whole new level of products in the Home appliances section since 2016. They look for innovation and futuristic designs that make their users life easier. With this whole mindset in line, you can expect from any Samsung device a small look on how future looks like.

As innovative as they are, so is our team of experts who are ready to take on any task needed to help you repair your Samsung household appliances. We specialize on fixing refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers.


A brand with great values and amazing innovations. This is a company that stands in the market with innovative devices that make life a good experience. Qr Home services is a company that knows how this LG appliances work and know how to fix any of the common problems these machines can have, it doesn´t matter if it´s a technical or a mechanical problem. We know how to deal with it and make it work at the end of the day.

GE (General Electric)

A company who works for the future, this brand has more than 125 years in the market and they still are bringing one of the best household appliances you can ever wish to have at home. The trust that this company build in the Americans heart is the same one that you can expect from our services.

Our expert technicians have the skills and knowledge to solve any kind of problem that your GE appliances could have because we can repair and give maintenance to any of the machines made by this company. Some of the household appliances we commonly repair from this brand are: Refrigerators, freezers, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, ice machines, and more. 


One of the leaders within the household appliances, this company knows what its customers want and designs everything to work perfectly. They have been in the market since 1918 and they will be in the heart of every American household for a long time. This is one of the reasons why our teams know everything about this brand, so you can consider Qr Home Services one of the best options in the market to get assistance when it’s needed. Some of the services that we offer with Frigidaire household appliances are; Freezer, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher and Wine cooler repair.


Known not only because of the simplicity they give to any of your daily chores. They also create the innovation that fits with your standards of living and keep up anywhere you are. This brand known by almost anyone is always looking to improve performance with their appliances so they are more eco-efficient to create a healthy home and reduce the amount of resources used on your daily chores.

Here in QR Home services, we have 15 years of skills and expertise to solve any kind of problem that a Whirpool home appliance can have in a short window of time. So, if you are experiencing any problem with a machine of this brand, you can contact our customer service to make an appointment and get everything solve with and excellent attention. Some of the services that we offer with this brand are; Whirpool appliance repair service, Branded Maintenance and Check-up services.


A brand focused on customer service, great quality, product efficiency and an ever increasing focus on improvements and innovation. This company known worldwide has the trust of its fans with a service that wins against its competitors, and the household appliances that take their costumers needs in account. With this in mind, we are prepared to give a guaranteed service of repairing and maintenance of your Viking Household appliances like Refrigerators, dishwashers, wine coolers, ice machines and freezers.


Pioneers of the food preservation science, this company’s refrigeration appliances are known for their durability and capacity of prolonging the freshness of every item that is introduced into one of their products. If your Subzero appliance is losing its natural ability to keep the freshness of your food, there´s no problem with that. We are here to repair or give maintenance to many of this brands appliances.


Electrolux is a company that reinvents itself to give its consumers the experiences that enhance their living, and give the quality that everyone loves and deserves. With more than 100 years in business you can expect from them the best of the best in the market. If you ever need assistance with a damaged Electrolux appliance like refrigerators, washers, dryers, or dishwashers, you can make an appointment with us by calling to our call center and receive a professional service within the state of Florida.


Maytag is a Brand that is proud of the durability they have integrated into every of their household appliances. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Refrigerator, a washer or a dryer, this company’s appliances will get every job done so its customers can rely on them almost all the time. Here in Qr Home services we believe that we are as dependable as this brands appliances so you can rely on us to make an excellent job with really good prices.


A brand invented for life, this German company is always looking to enhance the live of its customers by creating reliable, efficient and stylish products. If you are looking for experience and an excellent repair or maintenance services for your Bosch home appliances then you are in the right place.


Sometimes you just want something of excellent quality and economical prices, and that’s where Amana really shines. A brand that offers afford-ability and worth at same time. Those are some of the values that we offer to our clients. Qr Home Services is the right place in Florida to get the assistance you need for the price and the Quality, you deserve.


High quality, eco-friendly and Swedish design are some of the most important features of this Scandinavian company. Asko produces some of the best washers, dryers and dishwashers on the world by offering the performance and the experience of their 65 years in the industry. If you ever need assistance with and ASKO appliance, you can contact our dedicated services to solve its problems swiftly.

Fisher & Paykel

A High-end company that produces sustainable appliances with two great objectives in mind. The first is to innovate by creating what people really needs and improve their lives, and the second is to create high sustainability and environmentally friendly products that minimizes the waste and the energy consumption. QR Home services offers the right solutions for any of the Fisher & Paykel Appliances that you have at home, if you ever need assistance with this brands appliances you can make an appointment with us.


The true artists of refrigeration, this American company is most known by their high quality refrigeration products in every restaurant of the United States. They have been producing the most luxurious and important refrigeration appliances for more than 75 years, and they continue to improve their products nowadays. Make this company’s machines shine and last longer with us, and relax by the thought that we will give you a reliable and excellent service to repair your True appliances.


Creativity, inspiration and unlocking your full potential, this is what it means to own a Kitchen-aid appliance. It’s not just to have an excellent Kitchen or mixer, it’s more about the all possibilities this products can help you reach. We know all about possibilities and excellence at the moment of giving our services, so if you ever need assistance to repair your Kitchen-Aid Appliances then make an appointment with us by calling to our customer services. We will be at your service.


The synonyms of this company are luxury and exceptional, the products they offer to the market try to push the boundaries of kitchen designing and open the doors to new and exciting opportunities. It doesn´t matter if you have the most luxurious products of this company, we are available to fix any problem this appliances could have, you just have make an appointment and we will be there. Some of the Thermador appliances we can repair for you are; Refrigerators, Freezers, Wine Coolers, Dishwashers, Ice Makers. 


The word German and the slogan “Immer Besser” (Forever Better) tells a lot about the company and the kind of products they want to offer to the public. This German corporation has more than 120 years on the market creating appliances that make their customers know that they are making a good choice by buying this Brands products. Even good choices need some repairing from time to time, and that´s why we are here to check, fix or give some maintenance to you Miele appliances. Some of the household appliances that our services cover are: Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Freezer and Wine cooler. 


This is the kind of brand you look for when you want to have a legendary kitchen. Dacor is a High-end brand that focuses on creating innovative, intuitive and handcrafted appliances for professionals and non-professionals. We know that having a Dacor appliance is another level of experience and the same time, we understand, how much you can value the investment used to have a legendary kitchen, that´s why we offer excellent prices and a service that most of the time fixes everything the same day of appointment. We are ready to help you just by making a single call.


Gaggenau appliances are beautiful art pieces that can take your kitchen to a whole new level. This handcrafted products are the real combination of art, experience and technology which comes with excellent performance and quality for a professional kitchen. We may not have the centuries this brand have on the market, but, we have the skills and experience to fix any kind of problem a Gaggenau appliance could have. Here in Qr Home Services we are dedicated to give a friendly and reliable service for you. So you can call us for free if you ever need assistance. 


A high-end brand of the whirpool family that offers affordable and luxurious appliances for every family. This company considers itself a rebel of this industry and looks out to always progress with provocative designs and high performance on their products. We as a company of high skilled technicians are prepared to repair and give solutions to any problem caused by this household appliances, and give its consumers some relieve when they need assistance. Some of the Jenn-air appliance we can repair for you are: Refigerators, Freezers, Ice Machines, Dishwashers, and Wine Coolers.


A German Brand chosen by their customers just because their exclusive and innovative solutions. This brand knows how to combine elegance with technology and create appliances that shine everywhere they go. Here in QR Home Services we have the experience to repair Liebherr appliances like Refrigerators, Freezers, Wine Coolers and Dishwashers. 


This is an Italian brand that excels at creating appliances with a great touch of elegance and quality. Smeg creates products that will make you discover your real style with original aesthetics that everybody would love. Don´t let that any failure on your Smeg appliance stop you from using it, our technicians can help you repair any problem this appliances could have with a friendly service and excellent prices.


His company´s appliances are made thinking about the moments that their products can create for the families. In case you need assistance to fix any problem your Wolf appliance could have, you can contact us by calling our Customer service and make an appointment, our technicians have the knowledge and skills to fix its problems. 


If you ever looked for appliances that excelled on versatility and reliability then you would probably buy a Manitowoc Appliance. This company’s moto “Engineered for Ease” is all about making their customers life easier by making their products really simple and useful. We understand the way this company thinks because that's how we like to work, we can give you an excellent service that will solve your Manitowoc appliances problem in less than one day in most cases, so you don´t have to worry about them later.


A company specialized on the creation of exclusive products for ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation that has more than 50 years on the market designing products for a modern lifestyle. If you are looking for the right technicians to repair your U-Line appliances then you are in the right place, we are a team of professional repair services.


This Company brings everything you need with an economical package. It doesn´t matter if it’s for commercial or residential motives, a Vinotemp appliance will always be a stylish and exceptional option for wine, beverages and refrigeration. Don’t let yourself be unmotivated because some of your appliances are damaged, we are ready to give you an outstanding service and repair them as soon as possible.  


Appliances with the Land of the rising sun mark. This Japanese company specialized on refrigeration and Ice machines brings everything you need from the East side of the planet, they are leaders on manufacturing one of the best equipments for your kitchen. If you ever need help with your refrigerators or Ice machines, we will be happy to help you by contracting our services.

True Chef

This is a company specialized on manufacturing a wide range of commercial appliances that will transform your kitchen in a real masterpiece of quality and innovation to make you a True Chef. Our techinicians are available to go and repair your appliances of this brand. We are professionals with the knowledge and skills to help you solve your problems.

For more information you can contact us to our call center number: (786) 220-0730 and schedule an appointment with our technicians.

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